Experts for optical particle measurement: 10 years CAMSIZER® by Retsch Technology

In 1998 Retsch, the experts in size reduction and sieve analysis, established the business segment “Optical Particle Measurement” from which Retsch Technology emerged shortly afterwards. What began as an ambitious project rapidly turned into a true success story which started with the development of one instrument: in close cooperation with Jenoptik, Retsch Technology designed the CAMSIZER® – an optical particle analysis system which, with its two-camera-system, was quickly established in the market. The patented measuring set-up of the instrument not only offers such essential features as precision, reliability and reproducibility but also the necessary robustness to be operated under rougher conditions such as can be found in quality control during production processes. Equipped with a measuring range of 30 µm to 30 mm, the CAMSIZER set standards which until today determine the requirements of modern measurement systems in this area of application.

Today more than 350 systems worldwide are used successfully for applications such as plastics, sand, food or pharmaceuticals. Due to innovative developments such as the “fitting” function the CAMSIZER provides measuring results which are 100% compatible to those of sieve analysis, a technique which has been replaced by digital image processing in many quality control laboratories. In addition to the particle size distribution, the instrument also provides information about e.g. the shape, the number or the opacity of the sample material. Thus, defective particles can be detected quickly and expensive production errors can be corrected promptly.

For the finer size range, the product program also includes Laser Diffraction Particle Size Analyzers by Horiba for which Retsch Technology is the exclusive distributor for Germany, Austria and Switzerland since 2001. The instruments of this renowned Japanese manufacturer work with static and dynamic laser light scattering and allow for the size analysis of particles in colloids, suspensions, emulsions and dispersions within a size range of 1 nm to 3 mm.

With this comprehensive product range, Retsch Technology today is the market leader when it comes to optical measuring systems for particle characterization. Customers are offered the best possible solution for the preparation and characterization of their samples, including individual consultation in the application laboratory in Haan near Duesseldorf/Cologne.

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